Jobs / Theses


Current & Future Teaching:


Summer 2023: Oberseminar Dynamics

Summer 2023: (Lecture) Dynamical Systems

Summer 2023: (Hauptseminar) PDE Dynamics


Past Teaching:

  Technical University of Munich (TUM)  

Winter 2022/2023: Oberseminar Dynamics

Winter 2022/2023: (Lecture) Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics

Winter 2022/2023: (Lecture) Topics in Dynamical Systems

Summer 2022: Oberseminar Dynamics

Summer 2022: (Lecture) Dynamical Systems

Summer 2022: (Hurwitz-Seminar) Modelling Epidemic Network Dynamics

Winter 2021/2022: --- research sabbatical ---

Winter 2021/2022: Oberseminar Dynamics

Summer 2021: (Hauptseminar) Non-Autonomous Dynamical Systems

Summer 2021: Oberseminar Dynamics

Summer 2021: (Lecture) Dynamical Systems

Fall/Winter 2020: Oberseminar Dynamics

Summer 2020: (Lecture) Gewöhnliche Differentialgleichungen

Summer 2020: Oberseminar Dynamics

Fall/Winter 2019/2020: (Lecture) Analysis III für EI

Fall/Winter 2019/2020: Oberseminar Dynamics

Summer 2019: (Lecture) Gewöhnliche Differentialgleichungen

Summer 2019: Oberseminar Dynamics

Fall/Winter 2018/2019: Oberseminar Dynamics

Fall/Winter 2018/2019: (Lecture) Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics

Fall/Winter 2018/2019: (Lecture) Fallstudien der Mathematischen Modellbildung

Fall/Winter 2018/2019: (Hauptseminar) Chaos and Chance

Summer 2018: Oberseminar Dynamics

Summer 2018: (Lecture) Dynamical Systems

Summer 2018: (Workshop) Network Science

Fall/Winter 2017/2018: Oberseminar Dynamics

Fall/Winter 2017/2018: (Lecture) Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics

Fall/Winter 2017/2018: (Hauptseminar) Topics in Dynamical Systems

Summer 2017: Oberseminar Dynamics

Summer 2017: (Lecture) Dynamical Systems

Summer 2017: (Workshop) Network Dynamics
  Fall/Winter 2016/2017: (Lecture) Interactions between Dynamics and PDE  

Summer Schools & Special Lectures


Summer 2023: School Multiscale Modeling and its Applications

Winter 2023: Critical Earth School

Summer 2019: School on Multiscale Phenomena in Dynamics and Geometry

Spring 2018: School on Critical Transitions in Complex Systems

Fall 2016: School on Multistability and Tipping

  Summer 2015: School on Multilevel Systems  
  Summer 2015: School MURPHYS-HSFS-2015  

Vienna University of Technology

  Summer 2015: (Seminar) Computational SPDEs  
  Fall/Winter 2014/2015: (Lecture) Dynamical Systems and PDE  

Cornell University

  Fall 2009: (Organizer) Applied Dynamical Systems Graduate Student Seminar  
  Spring 2009: (Organizer) Applied Dynamical Systems Graduate Student Seminar  
  Fall 2008: (Organizer) Applied Dynamical Systems Graduate Student Seminar  
  Spring 2007: (Teaching Assistant) Math 428 Partial Differential Equations  
  Spring 2007: (Teaching Assistant) Math 424 Fourier Series and Wavelets  
  Fall 2006: (Teaching Assistant) Math 191 Calculus for Engineers  

Jacobs University Bremen

  Fall 2004: (Teaching Assistant) 110211 Numerical Methods I (Class/Lab)  

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