Jobs / Theses

Current job openings:

For general job-inquiries please send an e-mail to: ckuehn 'at' ma.tum.de
Please include a CV and very briefly state your research interests and motivation. There may be possibilities for upcoming positions, or for possible joint applications, if you want to carry out research with my research group or via a joint project. For example, options are:

- DFG Walter Benjamin Programme (junior postocs)
- DFG Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (senior postdocs)
- Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships
- Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellowships
- Leopoldina Postdoctoral Fellowships (incoming from Austria or Switzerland)
- Rubicon Postdoctoral Fellowships (incoming from Netherlands)
- Schr÷dinger Postdoctoral Fellowships (incoming from Austria)
- SNF Postdoc Mobility Fellowships (incoming from Switzerland)
- Minerva Postdoctoral Fellowship (incoming from Israel)
- TUM EuroTech Postdoctoral Fellowships
- TUM University Foundation Postdoc Fellowships
- DAAD Prime Postdoc Fellowships

- TUM-IAS Hans Fischer Senior/Junior Fellowships (for senior/junior faculty)
- Humboldt Fellowships for Experienced Researchers (up to 12 years after PhD)
- Humboldt Research Award (for senior faculty)

- Chinese Scholarship Council Doc-Studentships (incoming from China)
- German Scholarships for Doc-Students / StipendiumPlus
- DAAD Student Scholarships (incoming, worldwide)

If I have not replied within two weeks, I am probably not seeking to extend my research group and other projects within the near future beyond positions advertised above. For positions advertised above, the mentioned deadlines apply and I am going to contact candidates, who are considered for interviews, roughly two weeks after the deadline.

Many former group members have obtained major individual grants, group leader, assistant/junior professor, tenure-track or tenured positions after their stay in my group at TUM, e.g.:

- Professor Dr. Maxime Breden (assistant/associate professor, tenured, Ecole Polytechnique Paris)
- Professor Dr. Maximilian Engel (assistant professor, tenure-track, University of Amsterdam)
- Professor Dr. Manuel Gnann (assistant professor, tenured, TU Delft)
- Dr. Samuel Jelbart (Marie-Curie Fellow, TU Vienna)
- Dr. Iacopo Longo (Marie-Curie Fellow, Imperial College London)
- Professor Dr. Kerstin Lux (assistant professor, tenure-track, TU Eindhoven)
- Professor Dr. Hildeberto Jardon-Kojakhmetov (assistant professor, tenure-track, University of Groningen)
- Professor Dr. Alexandra Neamtu (junior professor, tenure-track, University of Constance)
- Professor Dr. Cinzia Soresina (assistant professor, tenure-track, University of Trento)
- Professor Dr. Sebastian Throm (assistant professor, Umeň University)
- Professor Dr. Chuang Xu (assistant professor, tenure-track, University of Hawaii at Manoa)

I have also previously mentored during my time at TU Vienna:

- Professor Dr. Annalisa Iuorio (assistant professor, tenure-track, University of Naples)
- Professor Dr. Lara Trussardi (assistant professor, tenure-track, University of Graz)